Michael Bennet Promises Free Preschool, Community College in Education Plan

White House hopeful Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) on Thursday unveiled a sweeping education plan that would offer “every child” an opportunity to “flourish” by 2028 and promises free preschool and community college.

Bennet, a former superintendent of the Denver Public Schools, said he’s introducing the plan to rectify historic racial and wealth disparities in the public education system.

“The Bennet Administration will make a commitment that by 2028, every child born in this country, regardless of circumstance, will be at the center of a community that offers them a real chance to flourish personally and prosper financially,” said Bennet. “Is 2028 ambitious? Yes. Is it doable? Yes. Must we do it? Yes. It is a moral and economic imperative. Equal must really be equal.”

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