Portland Community College Employees Picket for More Pandemic Support

Faculty and staff at Portland Community College are asking for more support as the pandemic continues.

Members of the PCC Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals — the union for PCC academic staff — gathered Wednesday afternoon outside of the college’s Southeast Portland campus for an informational picket. About 40 employees and supporters attended.

“This pandemic has been going on for so long and we have not gotten any extra support from the PCC administration for all the extra work we’ve had to do while we’ve been remotely teaching, remotely providing students services,” said Julie Hastings, nominations and elections officer for the union and a part-time faculty member at PCC teaching English for speakers of other languages. “All of the things we have to do now take twice as long, but we’ve been getting the same amount of pay, so we need a stipend to pay for the extra work we’ve been doing.”

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