Study: Community Colleges Play an Important Role in the Texas Economy

The Texas Comptroller’s office released a study on the economic impact community colleges have on the state’s economy. The study found a community college education delivers good returns on students’ commitments of time and tuition.

“Community colleges are a great value, any way you look at it,” said Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar in a statement. “They’re a low-cost way for students to experience higher education, usually in a setting close to home. That’s a winning combination.” Hegar began his own higher education at a community college.

study conducted by Emsi revealed Lone Star College adds nearly $3 billion annually to the Houston economy with higher student incomes and increased business productivity. LSC also expands the Texas tax base by about $2.1 billion in future tax revenue and government savings. Emsi is a leading provider of economic impact studies.

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