Report: Robust Returns for Early College High School Programs

New research shows that there have been robust results for students enrolled in Early College High School (ECHS) programs, many of which have the potential to close persistent achievement gaps.

American Institutes for Research (AIR) said in a recent policy brief, based on studies it conducted, that ECHS programs have a positive, lasting impact on postsecondary enrollment and success. What’s more, there is also a strong return on the investments made in early colleges. Even better, the brief suggests a postsecondary degree will earn students more over their career, which means they will pay more in taxes and are less likely to depend on government assistance.

According to AIR, its studies focused on 10 early colleges that were operating in 2007 in five states (North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas and Utah). Data was collected on more than 2,400 students, all of whom participated in randomized admission lotteries to attend one of the 10 early colleges and were ether accepted (treatment group) or not accepted (control group).

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