Debate Over “Dreamers’” Futures Heats Up

Mike Taheri forwarded the text message. He made sure that it was OK with Diego Reynoso, the young man who sent it.

To Taheri, the text made the point:

Good afternoon Mike,

I just wanted to tell you I have a 95 ‘solid A’ overall grad so far in EMT …. I haven’t failed any skills nor received a test grade lower than a 90. I will have an update for you on nursing after our second exam Monday night.

The text wasn’t a boast. Taheri has tutored Diego, 24, since the young man was in high school at Bennett. Part of the deal is that Diego lets him know how everything is going. This was a note from a fine student at Erie Community College who intends to be a paramedic and a registered nurse, a student whose original dream was to serve as a police officer.