Effects of Growth Upset Residents

Bend-OregonBEND, Ore. — As Bend’s economy and population continue to grow some residents are displeased with some of the side effects.

The Bulletin reports that as Bend looks to expand its urban growth boundary and fill in unoccupied parcels residents have been outspoken that they don’t want their neighborhoods to change.

In one example, hundreds of people showed up at a Bend Planning Commission meeting opposed to proposed multifamily housing development on land owned by Central Oregon Community College, with many people opposing the planned density.

Others opposed to change have been spotted with bumper stickers reading “Bend sucks, don’t move here.”

The irritation isn’t new. Bend’s population has been growing steadily since the 1990s. In 2000, three City Councilors were elected as part of the “slow-growth” platform.

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