Complete College America Works with Lumina Foundation to Support Black Community Colleges


Dr. Yolanda Watson Spiva, president of Complete College AmericaDr. Yolanda Watson Spiva, president of Complete College AmericaComplete College America (CCA), a nonprofit promoting equity in college completion rates, received a $1 million grant from the Lumina Foundation, a private foundation focused on racial justice in education, to improve college completion strategies for adult Black, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American students at Predominantly Black Community Colleges (PBCCs) and Historically Black Community Colleges (HBCCs).

Through this two-year initiative, CCA will build a network for PBCCs and HBCCs to share resources and learnings across institutions that foster the social and economic mobility of Black students.

"Advancing racial equity is the core of what we do, and it's time to recognize the need to invest in institutions from the PBCC/HBCC sector," said Jamie Merisotis, Lumina President and CEO. "For far too long, these institutions have quietly educated 10% of students of color but have received little visibility. This project will support students and elevate awareness of the significant contributions by these schools."

CCA comprises 48 states, systems, institutional consortia, and partner organizations across the U.S. and territories. To support adult learners of color, CCA aims to help PBCCs and HBCCs align academic programs, career choices, workforce needs, and credentials.

"Over the next two years, CCA will work with institutional leaders to co-design strategies that will enhance their current practices and position them to support more students working to fulfill their dream of earning a credential of value," said Dr. Yolanda Watson Spiva, president of CCA.

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